Video System Installation

Video System Installation


Securing Homes in Windham, Londonberry, Concord, NH & Beyond

There are many different types of video surveillance systems on the market. Securely Sound Inc can help you choose which security system is right for you!

Wireless/Wi-Fi Systems: Wireless video security systems allow for viewing through your home’s Wi-Fi without the need for complicated wiring.
Security System Installation in Dover NH - Securely Sound Inc.
Wired Systems: These systems require hardwiring into your home’s electrical system; however they do provide excellent signal quality and offer more stability. They have the advantage of not interfering with other wireless devices in your home.

Hybrid Systems: Provides the benefits of both wired and wireless video systems.

DVR: Digital Video Recorders record videos in a digital format using an electronic or a software program. The channels can range from 4 to 16 channels.

NVR: Network Video Recorders use a software program to record videos with a range of 4 to 32 IP megapixel into digital format.

Outdoor Cameras: Outdoor cameras are weatherproof that come in different varieties such as dome, bullet, and standard shapes.

Securely Sound Inc is proud to provide safe and effective security systems in Manchester, Salem, Londonberry, Concord, NH & surroundingareas.For more information on video and security system installation contact us today! 
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